The objectives of the Licking Heights Chapter of the National Honor Society are to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of Licking Heights High School.

Selection Procedure

Student Activity Information Forms shall be made available to all Licking Heights and C-TEC students from the Licking Heights district who have a 3.50 grade average or better and are of sophomore or junior rank to determine interest in membership and to obtain information regarding service and leadership activities. Candidates shall have spent at least one semester in this school.

While the academic criteria is important and should be considered first, membership shouldneverbe considered on grades alone. Students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of character, leadership and service. The final decision for acceptance into the National Honor Society will be by the Faculty Advisory Council under the auspices of the principal of Licking Heights High School. The Council will evaluate students using a numeric scale to rank their character, leadership and service. The students will obtain recommendations from a minimum number of teachers which will be returned to the council to help in ranking them for their acceptance into National Honor Society. Students who have not passed the OGT by the fall of their senior year will be removed from National Honor Society.

**Only community service hours logged with the Guidance Department will be considered for the application process.

17/18 NHS Advisor/Officers

NHS Advisor:    Sharon Ross
President: Jessica Ismail
Vice Presidents: Regan Hamilton
Secretaries: Angelique Clay
Treasurers: Avery Price
NHS Guidelines