Doug Perry named Licking Heights “Leader for Learning”
By Tori King, communications intern

In our society, we tend to focus on bad things. The latest crimes, when our sports team lost the big game, or when our friends weren’t kind to us. The same happens in education. However, last week one of Licking County’s finest educators was recognized for his hard work. 
As 110 marching band kids, along with the acapella choir, all gathered in the high school's band room in anticipation. When Douglas Perry was presented his Leaders for Learning award by representatives by the Licking County Foundation, his face was priceless. After the short speech he gave, per request of the students, everyone could tell he was truly touched.
Mr. Perry, a band director at Licking Heights Central, does much more than just teach band. As he sets the foundation for the entire band program, he has to find the balance of pushing kids to their full potential without having them quit first. He uses music to show his students that all of the subjects from math to history are all related to the arts. Outside of the band world, Mr. Perry also is in district leadership roles as District Curriculum Council Chair and LPDC Chair.
“Mr. Perry has definitely been one of my favorite teachers for the past few years that I’ve had him. Not just because of how much he’s taught me about music, but because he knows how to communicate well with his students. I’ve learned a lot more in band than just music because of Mr. Perry,” said Ashley Busch, a freshman at Licking Heights High School.
Even though he knows that the only recognition he may get is words from his students, Mr. Douglas Perry still works hard every day to have his students not only be the best player they can be; but also to be the best person.

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