LHHS band takes I at state marching band finals
By Tori King, communications intern
As the marching band season wraps up, many of the bandies are left to reflect on the past season. The marching band had a very successful season with getting a district record high score, numerous best overall percussion awards, as well as best in class color guard awards. 

To say that this season was a challenging one would be an understatement. The band had a very high percentage of rookies and freshmen. Many Friday and Saturday nights were spent in the cold and rain. But how their reaction to this adversity lead them to their successes 

When the ratings at state finals were announced, the words of Mr. Shane Mathews went through the heads of many students.

Back in July, Mr. Mathews said, “The work you do now is what counts. Your attitude when you’ve been playing eight on a hand and you want to go home. That’s what sets you apart from other bands. I don’t want to wait until state finals to be good. I want to be good now. I don’t want to go into state finals not knowing how we will do. I want to go in excited to hear you perform the show one last time.”

Mr. Mathews definitely did not need to worry about the band at state finals. The band received straight ones, the only one to do so on Sunday.   

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