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Letter to families
A letter from Philip Wagner, superintendent
Dear Families:
I suspect like many of us, your lives are busy. I really have two areas of primary focus, my family and work. Trying to balance both is often challenging, especially because of what has occurred in recent months with the virus and the implications upon the educational environment and our families. Like many, I do not keep up with other things as much as I wish I could, including news outside of our community and the state. However, that stopped due to the recent death of George Floyd. I was shocked by the video of Mr. Floyd’s death. 
The news about Mr. Floyd’s death has become consuming. I started to research additional stories about Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others who have tragically lost their lives to systemic racism over the years and, truly, over centuries. 
I am struggling with the words to share because I realize there is little I can write at this tragic time that provides comfort, but I do think about our students and families and what they can expect in the future. Therefore, I will be working with the Board of Education to form a task force with a cross section of people to discuss racism and bias in our community and what we can do to continue to address these issues within our school district.
I leave you with a commitment that recent events will shape the future of our school district, and you can help be a part of it. The articulation of what will exactly occur is not yet known, but we will start the planning phase as a basis to move forward. 
As a school district that represents seven communities and two counties, the most important thing we can do is come together and let our actions speak louder than words. We will continue to listen, we will continue to learn, and we will not waver in our dedication to doing what is right.
Attachments Available To Download:
060420_Family Letter.pdf