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Educational plan update
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Our educational plan for the 2020-21 school year was been reviewed at last night’s Board of Education meeting. We have been closely watching coronavirus cases locally, and are heartened by the continued downward trend in the number of reported COVID-19 cases in our community.

At yesterday’s meeting, the board members spent a lot of time discussing our educational plan and reviewed multiple options. In fact, the Board of Education spent over 90 minutes solely focused on and discussing plans to reopen the district. I would be remiss if I did not share the board members collectively understand public health concerns, but also do not universally agree on the educational options. More specifically, the options often provide some level of educational disruption. I share the preceding as support of the school board, but also to highlight the challenges with such decisions within a global pandemic. Furthermore, the Board of Education collectively remains focused on doing what is best for LH students.

During last night’s review and discussion of options, a significant amount of time was spent discussing bus driver shortages. These driver shortages impact our school district, as well as, many other Ohio school districts. Due to these factors, we discussed that families can help with driver shortages by referring any interested applicants to [email protected] or by calling (740) 927-3340. Additionally, it would help the overall environment if parents could provide transportation to and/or from school.

Licking Heights Local Schools plans to welcome in-person/hybrid students back “all-in,” beginning Mon., March 22. On this date, we will shift to a 4:1 model, bringing our in-person students back to the building 4 days/week, while still accommodating virtual learners. Please pay close attention to the following schedule because virtual days will now rotate among different buildings.

Families, please check your email for a link to the survey we need you to complete by Thurs., March 4. Please complete one survey for each enrolled student.
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