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Now Announcing: New All-District Branding for Licking Heights Local Schools
We are proud to announce a new era for Licking Heights to complement our new school names.

As of this month, we are officially rolling out a new all-district branding for Licking Heights Local Schools. Please know that this branding DOES NOT replace the Hornet logo or maroon and gold for our athletic colors. The Hornet and our athletic colors are a fundamental part of Licking Heights’ identity and rich history, and have deep significance for our generations of families, staff, and community members.

This new logo and brand is merely meant to represent our district as a professional learning organization and accurately present us as an academic institution to the surrounding community. We will not simply be using our athletic identity to define us all the time–instead, we will have a unique, strong academic identity to represent our district as well. We are a multifaceted school district and want our branding to reflect this.

We worked closely with our branding team at Cult Marketing to create our academic identity. Like our new school names, the brand came about from the feedback of over 50 different staff members, students, community members, and families. Each decision was made with the feedback of our Board of Education, and all Board members approved the final designs.

As a reminder, as of July 1, five of our schools now have new names. From here on out, Central, South, West, and North are no longer school names in our district. Instead…

—Central Preschool is now Pathfinders Preschool
—West Elementary is now Everest Elementary
—South Elementary is now Broad Peak Elementary
—The new school is now Lima Ridge Elementary
—Central Intermediate is now Summit Station Intermediate

Here is a Detailed Explanation of Our New Logo and Colors

Goals of a Logo
According to professional designers and brand strategists, a logo should have four main goals:

—Reflect a brand’s values, mission, and overall personality
—Be distinctive in the market
—Be unique and memorable
—Have a simple yet impactful look and feel

The new logo for Licking Heights encapsulates our dedication to providing a nurturing, innovative, and forward-thinking educational environment. Through its bold and cohesive design, the logo conveys a sense of unity, growth, and strength–three values near and dear to our community.

The Stylized ‘H’
The 'H' serves as a central and foundational symbol, representing ambition and reaching for greater heights. This perfectly aligns with our new tagline, "Go Higher,” and our new Mission Statement of “Elevating Every Learner to New Heights.”

Additionally, the interconnected design of the ‘H’ represents the unity and inclusivity of our community.

The Color Palette
A broader color palette allows for more versatile and dynamic designs in communications materials. Incorporating additional colors represents the diverse programs, activities, and communities within the district, reflecting the full spectrum of what we have to offer. Meanwhile, the brightened maroon and gold colors in the design pay homage to our district’s history with the maroon and gold athletic colors.

By expanding the palette, the district can convey a wider range of values and messages, such as innovation, pride, warmth, inclusiveness, and optimism.

The Geometric Design
The chevron shapes within the 'H' naturally point upwards, visually representing the idea of moving beyond current limits and reaching new heights.

The Tagline
Go Higher. This powerful phrase encapsulates the district’s unwavering dedication to empowering every student to reach their highest potential, to soar beyond limits, and to achieve greatness in every aspect of their lives.

“Go Higher" isn't just a slogan—it's a call to action. It serves as a guiding beacon, inspiring everyone in the community to strive for excellence, embrace challenges with resilience, and elevate themselves to new heights of success.

We thank you for your commitment to helping us go higher as a district. Now, please join us in celebrating this exciting new era of Licking Heights!