Licking Heights Preschool

5 Star Rating
 The Licking Heights Preschool Program recently earned a 5 Star Rating from the Ohio Department of Education uder the Step Up To Quality standards.  A Step Up To Quality Five-Star rating means a program has demonstrated the highest level of quality.  Below are some of the ways a program can provide increased quality at the five star level.
  •              There are more staff members per child.

Teachers have more time to support your child’s individual development and learning.  This is important because 90 percent of brain development occurs by the time your child is 6 years old. 

  •              The administrator and teachers have higher educational qualifications. 

The administrator and teachers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and many years’ experience working with young children.  These qualifications benefit your child’s development and learning.

  •              The administrator and teachers complete more than 20 hours of specialized training every two years.

The administrator and teaching staff are committed to expanding their education and skills to better support your child’s development and learning.  

  •              Teachers develop lesson plans that support each child’s growth.  

Teachers plan intentional and purposeful activities and experiences that meet the needs, interests and abilities of children.  These activities and experiences support them and their development. 

  • Program staff completes assessments to evaluate and improve the learning experience.

Assessments with your child help keep track of his or her growth over time.  This lets teachers adjust how they offer experiences to your child daily.

  • Families and the community are valued. 

Programs work with families and neighborhood organizations to provide more opportunities for children.

  •               The program provides at least three of the following to staff: health insurance, paid leave, tuition reimbursement, discount on child care, paid professional development, retirement, flexible spending account, one hour of paid planning time weekly, paid holidays or life insurance.
Preschool Enrollment is Closed for the 2017-2018 school year
Registration for our Licking Heights Preschool Peer Model program is now closed for the 2017-2018 school year.  Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin April 3 at 9:00am.  Please submit the online application through OneView. You will be contacted in the order we receive your online inital application to verify enrollment.  The Licking County YMCA may have openings in their preschool program.  Please call 740-964-1674 ext. 50909 to inquire.   
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Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
 The preschoolers are going to the pumpkin patch at Lynd's Fruti Farm. 
Online Enrollment
1. To begin the online enrollment process click here
    Parent OneView. You will need to click on the "Create Account" button to get started.
    This is designed to streamline the traditional paperwork process.
   *** Enrollment is based on program space and availability.
2. Next you will receive a phone call to schedule your appointment. Once your
    appointment has been scheduled please print and complete the following
    documents and bring them to your appointment.


3. You appointment will be held at Licking Heights North Elementary located at 6507
    Summit Rd SW. Please bring the REQUIRED documents (see below) to this

4. Copies will be made of your documents and the originals will be returned to you
    during the appointment.
Required Documentation for Enrollment
1. Birth Certificate 
  • An original birth certificate
  • Passport (if United States passport, must provide birth certificate)
  • I-94 card; Permanent Resident Visa or Green Card
2. Immunization Records

    Required by the State of Ohio. Click here to see what is required.
3. Divorce/Custodial Documentation (if applicable) - Must be court signed and
    date/time stamped.

  • Final Divorce Decree which may include Shared Parenting Plan, naming specific parent as residential parent for school placement. 
  • Grandparent Power of Attorney
  • Temporary Custody Order naming specific guardian
  • Military Power of Attorney
4. Current IEP, MFE/504 Plan - (If this applies to your child)

5. Photo Identification for Custodial Parent

6. Verification of Residency - Two (2) proofs of residency required

    * If your mortgage statement or utility bills are processed through a type of online
       payment, it is your responsibility to obtain current statements, as required.

Choose your first proof proof of residency from the options listed under A;
the second proof of residency must be provided from the options listed under B:

A. Options for first Proof of Residency:

  • Current rental/lease agreement with custodial parent's name listed.
          ***If you are on a month to month lease, you will be required to provide
                the district with a current utility bill every 3 months.
  • Deed or current mortgage statement with custodial parent's name listed.
  • Purchase/Contract Agreement to buy property (if within 90 days of enrollment);

B. Options for second Proof of Residency:

Current (within 30 days) Gas Bill, showing service address at Licking Heights School residence;
Current (within 30 days) Electric Bill, showing service address at Licking Heights School residence;
Current (within 30 days) Water Bill, showing service address at Licking Heights School residence;
Current (within 30 days) Cable Bill, showing service address at Licking Heights School residence;
Current (within 30 days) Government Mailing, (i.e., child support, government assistance)