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Download the My Ride K-12 App (Formerly Ride 360) for Transportation Information
Licking Heights uses the My Ride K-12 app to help families track buses, view their students' route, and receive alerts about routing. Parents and guardians can see a daily live feed of bus arrival. Click HERE for information about downloading the app.

You must have the information below before you can access the app.  Please log onto PowerSchool for your student's information or call their specific school. 

  • Student’s 5-digit School ID

  • School they attend 

Traversa My Ride K-12 Mobile Application Guide
To access student routing information through the Traversa My Ride K-12 mobile app, do the following:

1. Download "Traversa My Ride K-12" from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
2. After the installation is complete, open the mobile app.
3. When you're asked to find your school district, search for Licking Heights.
4. Once Licking Heights is selected, you'll be presented with the login page.
5. To register, enter your email address, along with your password and name.
6. After registering, you'll receive an email confirmation. The provided link will require you confirm your registration through the My Ride K-12 website.
7. Login, and then add your child by going to My Students and choosing the + button. This will present the Find a Student screen.
8. Enter the unique information provided by your district to find your child.  Repeat this step to continue finding all your students.
9. When all children are added, you can then view transportation information for each of your children.
10. If you'd like to share a student link with another person, go to My Students and either long-press for Android, or left swipe for iOS.
11. Choose which students to share, then enter the email address of the person you'd like to share with. That person will receive a confirmation email, which will then automatically link the student to that user.  They will be required to register with My Ride K-12 if they haven't already done so.

Click HERE for a printable copy of these step by step directions with some picture support.
Transportation Information
If your child(ren) does not require bus transportation for the 2023-24 school year, please OPT-OUT here.

NOTE: If your student does not ride the bus due to sports, etc. and has not ridden for 3 weeks consistently, they will be removed from the route. We do this so that the times listed for riders will be correct. Every student that is added or removed makes a difference in pick up and drop off times. 

Once your student needs to be added to the route again, all it takes is a quick email to [email protected]. Thank you!

Licking Heights is pleased to announce you can now access your child’s bus information online using My Ride K-12. Follow these steps to view your child’s information:

My Ride K-12 School Key for Registration
Grades 9-12: Licking Heights High School
Grades 7-8:  Licking Heights Middle School
Grades 5-6: Central Intermediate School
Grades 1-4: LH South or LH West
Kindergarten: LH North
Preschool: LH Preschool

  1. Using the Chrome of Firefox browser, go to
  2. If you do not already have a registered email, click "Register."
  3. To register, enter your email address, password, and name.
  4. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in your email to confirm your registration through the My Ride K-12 website.
  5. Log in, then find a student by going to My Students and clicking on the "Find Student" button.
  6. Enter the unique information required by your district to find your student. Repeat this step to add additional students. If you need assistance, please contact your school district.
  7. Once you have linked to a student, click on that student's profile to see all relevant transportation information.
  8. To share a student link with another person, select a student and click the student options button in the lower-right corner.
  9. Choose which students to share, then enter the email of the person you would like to share with. That person will receive a confirmation email that will automatically link them to the shared student(s). Recipients must register with My Ride K-12, if they have not already done so, to access the student information.
If you have any questions or need to make changes to your child’s transportation, please contact the transportation office at (740) 927-3340. NOTE: If you have a kindergarten student, a parent or designated adult (an adult who has been filed with your EMA form) should be waiting to receive your child before they can be released from the bus.

Drive for Licking Heights
Our drivers are trained professionals who are dedicated to providing safe transportation for our students. Each day, our drivers are safely transporting our future!

Driving a school bus is a worthwhile, yet demanding job. Our drivers maneuver a 30,000-pound vehicle on narrow country roads lined with cars in all kinds of weather conditions. While driving, our drivers supervise 50 to 60 students. This requires a patient and highly-skilled person. This position comes with tremendous responsibility.  

Driver applicants are thoroughly evaluated before they are hired. Drivers must complete and pass the following:
  • Medical physical
  • Background check
  • Drug screen
  • Driving record check
They also attend 15 hours of classroom instruction and approximately 20-30 hours of on-the-bus training. After successful training by an experienced on-board instructor, they must be tested by state administration in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license.  

Licking Heights drivers complete annual physicals and random drug screens as well. Every six years, bus drivers must recertify, which means additional classroom instruction and a driver’s evaluation by an on-board instructor.  

Our drivers are trained and ready to roll each year! If you would like to join our team, reach out to us at 740-927-3340.

snowflake and inclement weather information text

Transporting to C-TEC and non-public schools when LH is not in session, including inclement weather

Review the attached document for information regarding transportation to non-public school when Licking Heights is not in session including closure due to inclement weather.  More +
Contact Us

Supervisor of Transportation: 
Secretary: Kelly Moore
Secretary: Kate Schurman
Mechanic: Mark Robertson
Mechanic: Jack Ringel
Phone: (740) 927-3340
Fax: (740) 927-0173

Office Hours: 6 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

6539 Summit Road SW
Pataskala, Ohio 43062
Supervisor: Darlene Mortine

Lost an item on the bus? Call the office. Many items found are unlabeled and the driver cannot locate the owner.
Bus Rider Guide for Students
My Ride K-12 (translated)
Transportation Information


Licking Heights Local School District

6539 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-6926 | F: 740-927-9043

Licking Heights High School (9-12)

4101 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-964-9005 | F: 740-927-0508

Licking Heights Middle School (7-8)

4000 Mink Street Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-9046 | F: 740-927-3197

Central Intermediate (5-6)

6565 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-3365 | F: 740-927-5845

South Elementary (1-4)

6623 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-964-1674 | F: 740-964-1625

West Elementary (1-4)

1490 Climbing Fig Blacklick, OH 43004
P: 614-864-9089 | F: 614-501-4672

North Elementary (K)

6507 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-3268 | F: 740-927-5736

Central Preschool

6565 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: (740) 927-3268

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