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Our Mission & Vision

Licking Heights Local Schools: Building tomorrow's leaders.


Honoring our legacy. Inspiring the present. Ready for the future.

Anchor Statement

We build tomorrow's leaders by educating all young, inquiring minds today.


  • A School District that fosters the highest level of student learning and achievement.
  • A School District with a diverse curriculum that builds on the individual strengths and needs of the child, utilizes innovative practices, and where methods of instruction, assessment, and leadership are responsive to students needs both in school and beyond the classroom.
  • A School District where everyone is actively engaged in the educational process, high achievement is an expectation, and all students are motivated to think and solve problems critically, creatively, collaboratively and independently.
  • A School District with open access to a diverse extra-curricular program designed to enhance an individual's strengths, character, and to facilitate the educational process that focuses on developing the entire child.
  • A School District that works hard to develop and maintain diverse sources of funding that ensures adequate resources are available to accomplish the mission and objectives of the District.
  • A School District that continues to be recognized statewide for its superior and innovative practices as a top academic institution, while continuing to be supported, valued, and promoted by a community that takes great pride in its tradition of excellence.
  • A School District that is committed to promoting good citizenship, caring, compassion, responsibility, trustworthiness, and respect for self and others.
  • A school that informs and enhances trust and support from our community to accomplish our mission and objectives.

Educational Philosophy

The Educational Policy and Philosophy of the Licking Heights Local School shall reflect the ideal of local control and this community's tenets of basic traditional values. However, the educational program must have sufficient flexibility to provide for a higher quality of excellence which prepares students for living now, as well as in the future.

We believe that we should maintain in teaching and practice the fundamental concepts of American democracy. The development of the ability to think, to question, and act independently and creatively, within the framework of accepted moral standards, will result in a better understanding of the part played by the individual in society.

We recognize the academic, social, moral, physical, and aesthetic needs of individuals and feel that we must maintain a curriculum through which the well-rounded individual can satisfy these needs. Furthermore, while recognizing the desirability of reasonable uniformity of content within all sections of a given subject, we believe class content should be adjusted to suit individual needs and abilities.

To increase the effectiveness of the instructional program, each teacher should try new or different methods or techniques of instruction and make use of accepted studies relating to the learning process and the development of successful procedures. We believe athletics and other extra-curricular activities should be handled in such a manner as to enhance the academic program.

Courses of study should be developed for each educational department and reviewed and updated when the need for change arises. These guides should be approved by the Superintendent of Schools and adopted by the Board of Education before the course of study is entered into.

We must always keep in sight the fact that the schools belong to the people and that the community we serve must have its goals satisfied; however, our program must be that which meets the individual's needs in a changing world.

We Believe
  • Education is a collaborative process and is the shared responsibility of the student, family, school and community.
  • The School District must value, model, and expect ethical behavior from all members of the educational community.
  • Education provides opportunities for students to explore, discover, and develop, their interests, talents and passions.
  • A majority of our educators should hold a master's degree, have a commitment to continual professional development and should have a passion for education.
  • If the District is to make substantive, long-lasting changes in student achievement, a culture of professional and continual dialogue about best instructional practices must be established.
  • The integration of instructional and administrative technological tools is essential to our mission.
  • Open and effective communication is fundamental to the success of our school community.
  • Setting high educational expectations beyond standardized tests challenges each student and increases achievement.
  • Continuous improvement of both student and system performance is essential and must be shaped through data-driven decision making.
  • Ensuring the safety and instructional climate of each school facilitates a positive and productive educational experience.
  • Our resources and systems must be aligned in a fiscally prudent manner to support the District's focus on instruction and student achievement.
  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining the highest quality teachers and support staff are central to the mission of our District.
  • Smaller class sizes emphasizing an effective teacher to student ratio will maximize learning.
  • Diversity is a strength of our community that should be encouraged and embraced.

Licking Heights Local School District

6539 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-6926 | F: 740-927-9043

Licking Heights High School (9-12)

4101 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-964-9005 | F: 740-927-0508

Licking Heights Middle School (7-8)

4000 Mink Street Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-9046 | F: 740-927-3197

Central Intermediate (5-6)

6565 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-3365 | F: 740-927-5845

South Elementary (1-4)

6623 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-964-1674 | F: 740-964-1625

West Elementary (1-4)

1490 Climbing Fig Blacklick, OH 43004
P: 614-864-9089 | F: 614-501-4672

North Elementary (K)

6507 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: 740-927-3268 | F: 740-927-5736

Central Preschool

6565 Summit Road Pataskala, OH 43062
P: (740) 927-3268

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