Licking Heights' "royal" game
By Izzy Scheiderer, communications intern
On Oct. 5, the Licking Heights game against Lakewood resulted in a big win for the Hornets, but they weren’t the only competitors at the game. The Homecoming king and queen were finally selected at the game. After long weeks of waiting, the votes were finally counted and the winners were announced. Along with the cool, black jerseys the Hornets football team wore, all of the candidates for king and queen were nicely dressed in suits and dresses. The Licking Heights football team beat Lakewood 44-0l. The crowd had been out of their seats because of all the excitement.
The game started with announcing the homecoming king and queen candidates. The announcer talked a bit on what class they were in and the activities they took place in as they walked down the football field. Next thing you know, the cheerleaders begin to take the field with a huge poster. The football players run through the camo poster as they are announced to everyone. They are ready to put in all effort as kickoff starts.
Licking Heights continued to rack up points throughout the first half. The offense had been making brilliant runs down the field for touchdowns and to defense had kept their line. Soon after, halftime came around and the homecoming king and queen are announced. Ben Webb and Bella Caruso are elected homecoming king and queen. They walked across the field once more as the crowns were given to them. The event was fun and exciting for everyone present.
After everyone walks off the field, the Lakewood marching band walks on. They play many wonderful songs and along with two football players in the band, they had an outstanding drum major! The Licking Heights marching band played pieces from their last competition and they were terrific. The color guard put on a good show as the band played to their full potential. It was quite the night!

The players, candidates, and crowd all walked out of the stadium with grins on their faces. The Hornets got a well-deserved win and all of the candidates worked really hard to be in the election. Everyone was proud of their accomplishments and dedication. Congratulations to Ben and Bella for being elected as homecoming king and queen, along with the Hornets football team and marching band.

Just wait though, the excitement doesn’t end here! Next week, the Hornets go against Watkins for the Battle for Broad. Hope to see you there!

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