The "Wonder Woman" of LHHS
Mrs. O'Ryan
By Olivia Roth, communications intern
What makes a teacher a teacher? Mrs. Iva O’Ryan, a 12th grade English teacher at Licking Heights High school, is one of those people that you cannot help but laugh around. With her bright smile and collection of Wonder Woman figurines, who would not be happy?
Mrs. O’Ryan started her teaching career 24 years ago, and the profession has taken her from Marion County Schools to Southwest Indian Schools to Liberty Christian and Horizon Science Academy. As for Licking Heights, she has made a 16-year career and just could not find a reason to leave. 
Those who know her say she is “upbeat” and “inspirational.” It is no surprise that her main goal in teaching seniors is to “help them realize their potential and capabilities.” 
Countless graduates that have sat in her class cannot help but smile when remembering the positive relationships they built and the life lessons learned. But, Mrs. O’Ryan is not just in the classroom all the time. From leading worship at her church to traveling, she is involved in the finer things in life. Some may have guessed, but she also loves reading and her favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird. 
“Mrs. O’Ryan truly cares and is open, honest, and fun,” said Cathy Satterwhite, a former coworker and good friend. “She also has a contagious laugh.” 
Mrs. O’Ryan’s classroom is a safe haven for open discussion and a way for students to apply lessons to the real world. Teaching is not for the moment. Teaching is for the future, and with Mrs. O’Ryan sending off her English students there is no reason to not be excited for what that future may hold.
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