Behind Mrs. Noble
By Naya Singh, communications intern
Many students tend to criticize their teachers. Do they really know what goes on in their teachers’ lives? How much time and work do their teachers put into their job for their students? Do students know how much their teachers love their job? Recently, Mrs. Noble was interviewed to aid students’ understanding of their teachers.
“I’ve always known I was going to be a teacher,” said Noble. She described how she used to take all of her books home with her in order to just be able to play school. “Part of that was because of my grandmother,” Mrs. Noble explained. “She always wanted to be a English teacher, but never got to be.” Along with that, horrible grammar irked her as a child. All of this played a role in influencing Mrs. Noble to become the English teacher she is today.
English was not the only thing that Mrs. Noble pursued. Psychology is something she also has found pretty interesting. She has incorporated it into her teaching and it has become her favorite unit.
“Poe is amazing, but the eighth grade book only has Tell Tale Heart, so we do a horror unit now and we go into the psychology behind what goes on in the stories.” Along with that, she described how she likes to “put the learning in her students’ hands.” The students like that too.
Many students of the Licking Heights community learn much from Mrs. Noble. They may struggle in her class initially, but it “prepares them for the life of high school.” Many have said that she does not teach just academically, but teaches them lessons for the world outside—the adult world. Students also discussed and illustrated how Mrs. Noble “goes out of her way” for her students.
Mrs. Noble is an amazing teacher. Not just that, but she is someone who makes learning fun and memorable. She has done a lot for this community in educating our students and preparing them for the life that is about to come.
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