Facility Use Rules and Regulations

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Facility Use Rules and Regulations

Facility Use Rules and Regulations

The Board of Education encourages the use of District facilities. However, to ensure that such use does not interfere with regular school purposes, impose burden on district personnel, or strain the limited funds allotted for Facilities and Maintenance, the following Rules and Regulations have been established: 
A. Users must take reasonable steps to ensure orderly behavior and will be responsible for paying for all damages associated with their use of the facility or equipment. 
B. The District reserves the right to request payment of estimated fees in advance. 
C. Use of tobacco is prohibited. All users are responsible for complying with this regulation. 
D. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances will not be permitted on District property at any time. 
E. Decorations must be fireproof and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to District property. Decorations are subject to the approval of the building administrator. The use of open flames, such as candles, is permitted only with written permission from the fire marshal. 
F. Requests for District-owned equipment are not included in the direct or indirect costs and shall be charged based on request and type of equipment. 
G. The use of any materials on floors or other parts of the building is strictly prohibited without specific approval in writing from the building administrator. 
H. Uses of stages, furniture, and equipment, must be arranged far in advance. Set-up and clean-up may be performed by members of the group using the facility, provided the responsible persons are listed on the application. Additional custodial services required for work not done satisfactorily will be paid for by the using group. Arrangements must be made with the building administrator for use of any special or extra equipment. Extra compensation paid employees for moving, operating, or supervising special or extra equipment will be charged to the using group. 
I. Use during summer vacation, on holidays, or during other vacation periods shall not conflict with building cleaning and renovating programs and will depend on the availability of building service personnel for supervision. 
J. Gambling of any kind is prohibited. 
K. A school custodian shall be on duty whenever a facility is being used except as exempted by the Superintendent. The custodian will render custodial assistance in handling furniture and equipment and will be responsible for seeing that the facility or facilities are left in good order after the activity is over. The custodian's overtime, including clean-up time, will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. Food-service personnel shall be required, in addition, when kitchen facilities are requested. 

L. Responsibility for enforcement of rules and regulations concerning use of District facilities rests with the user group, and any fractions of the above regulations may be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of District facilities. 
M. Corridors, exits, and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times. Exits are to be lit when facilities are in use. Members of the audience or spectators must never stand or sit so they block exits, stairways, or aisle ways. 
N. The Board and its employees will not be held responsible for damage to property or loss of material brought on to the District's property, nor shall any of them be held responsible for injuries to anyone which may occur on school property as a result of the activity. All outside groups shall be required to provide evidence of liability insurance. 
O. Flyers, booklets, or other printed or audio-visual materials may not be distributed unless they relate directly to the activity for which the school facility is being used. 
P. Use of facilities for school activities shall always take precedence over the use by outside organizations, and no outside booking shall be guaranteed until the District's Activity & Sports Calendar for the appropriate season is established and publicly announced. 
Q. The Superintendent and/or their designee, for good and just cause, may cancel any reservation or adjust fees as needed. Notice of a cancellation or changes in fees shall be given as early as possible. 
R. Shoes with metal heels, toe plates, or any substance that may damage a floor shall not be worn in any building. Exceptions for show performances may be made at the discretion of the building principal or their designee. 
S. If theater equipment is used (i.e., lights, and sound system), a school trained theater manager shall be available and on duty. The manager shall be paid at the established rate for that person. Additional technicians will be required as determined by the assigned theater manager. 
T. Fees for required additional personnel shall be paid through the District's payroll procedures from the assessed rental fees. 
U. Gymnasiums shall be rented only where adequate protection of the gym floor and the participants is assured by the lessee. Renters shall be responsible to pay for any damage to the gym, equipment, and floor. 
V. Minors involved with an event must be supervised at all times. The renting organization is responsible for the conduct of all persons, including the audience members associated with the event. 
For questions regarding Facility Use, please contact Adam Koons, Director of Business Operations at [email protected], or (740) 927-6926.

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